What does DEN (denier) mean for stockings?

What does DEN (denier) mean for stockings?
In the case of stockings, the word Denier (abbreviated as Den) can be found. Denier is the strength of a stocking or pantyhose. The less denier, the finer and more transparent the stocking. Conversely, the more denier, the more opaque it is. The term denier comes from textile production and refers to the strength of the yarn. For example, if a stocking or pantyhose has 20 deniers, 9,000 meters of the yarn used weigh 20 grams (1 denier = 1 gram per 9,000 meters of yarn). In addition to the yarn itself, its processing also has an influence on the density of a stocking. Some manufacturers also wrap yarns with, for example, polyamide, in order to achieve a higher resistance to holes and running loops. The result is that a stocking with a little denier on the leg can appear much less transparent than the denier indication suggests.

They are a touch of nothing: stockings and tights in 5 to 9 deniers. The so-called Ultra Sheers are extremely fragile and hardly noticeable on the skin. It is easy to forget that you wear socks at all. As these socks have almost no warming effect, they are ideal for the summer. The thinnest 5 to 8DEN stockings also need special attention during tightening. Gloves are obligatory when putting on, and otherwise the fabric should not get any ruff or lace in the way.

10 to 14 deniers, 15 to 19 deniers, and 20 to 29 deniers
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Stockings with 10 to 14 deniers are often referred to as super sheers and are also suitable for warmer outdoor temperatures. If possible, they should be dressed with a glove and with great care. Stockings with 15 to 19 deniers are still known as very sheers and are no longer quite as susceptible to damage. Models of 20 deniers wear only the additional sheer. 20 Denier is one of the most common stockings. Between 20 and 30 deniers, there are also numerous holders, stockings and pantyhose. There is a border between summer and winter stockings. From 30 deniers starts the area of ​​the opaque stockings and pantyhose.

Stockings and tights between 30 and 50 deniers often bear the imprint semi-opaque, that is almost opaque. The models in this class are suitable if you do not want to show so much skin because you might have problems with broomers or scars. Also, some occasions may require that woman is dressed elegant but does not show too much skin. From 60 Denier one speaks of Opaques. The stockings are absolutely opaque and usually cover all skin problems. Opaques can not be seen through. Stockings with this strength are gladly taken in the cold season, because they can keep the legs nice warm and look very elegant according to the outfit. In today's stocking fashion, opaque stockings are often worn in bright colors such as red, green or pink.