The Polish brand NOIRE HANDMADE specializes in wetlook and imitation leather and always impresses with great designs and also has a unique range of sizes up to 6XL (EU52)




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Wetlook stockings SUPERSTAR

Product no.: 210102101

Seductive hold-up stockings SUPERSTAR with lace and silicone tape for the best hold. From Collection DIVA

CHF 34.00 *
old price CHF 49.00
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available immediately

High waist Shorts with zipper

Product no.: 210105101

High waist Shorts with a silver 2-way zipper in the crotch. High waist style emphasizes feminine curves.

CHF 59.00 *
available immediately

Wet look Dress

Product no.: 210104105

Elegant wetlook dress with elastic inserts at the waist and chest that emphasize the feminine shapes. 

CHF 86.00 *

Powerwetlook Stockings and Panty

Product no.: 210105100

Classic powerwetlook stockings with a silver zipper at the back which goes from the ankle to the knee. 

CHF 74.00 *

Powerwetlook jacket Rebelloius

Product no.: 210103102

This striped powerwetlook jacket with narrow flaps will attract everybody's attention. You can wear it open or accentuate your waist.

CHF 69.00 *
old price CHF 99.00
You save 30 %
available immediately

Wetlook mini dress Rebellious

Product no.: 210103100

Asymmetrical powerwetlook minidress with fancy neckline is extravagant choice for a night to remember.

CHF 59.00 *
old price CHF 79.00
You save 25 %
available immediately

Bralette Wetlook with elastic tape

Product no.: 210106101

Exciting wetlook bralette with elastic bands. High wearing comfort and an absolute must-have.

CHF 48.00 *
old price CHF 64.00
You save 25 %
available immediately

Corset with suspender

Product no.: 210102100

Sexy underbust corset made of tulle and eco-leather elements with 6 suspenders and lacing on the back.

CHF 89.00 *
product sold out

ECO Miniskirt RULER

Product no.: 210102104

More than fast striptease: ECO RULER leather mini-skirt with diagonal zipper over the entire skirt.

CHF 64.00 *
available immediately

Transparent backless chiffondress

Product no.: 210101102

The transparent backless dress made of chiffon with applications from the Essentials series is only held by the neck collar.

CHF 74.00 *
available immediately

Bra and t-vhong Noir Handmade

Product no.: 210104106

Classic and at the same time luxurious body with a deep, lavish cleavage and satin finishes.

CHF 48.00 *
old price CHF 68.00
You save 29 %
available immediately

Bra strap with gold chain

Product no.: 210101103

These bra straps are worth showing off because they offer an enchanting ornamentation of necklines.

CHF 42.00 *
available immediately

Wetlook top with silver zippers

Product no.: 210105103

Frivolous powerwetlook top with silver zippers in the chest area and a black zipper on the back

CHF 72.00 *
available immediately

Hot wet look V-thong

Product no.: 210101101

This hot V-Thong from wetlook not only perfects your outfit - you will love the perfect cut.

CHF 19.00 *
available immediately

Wetlook top with silver zippers

Product no.: 210103105

Frivolous powerwetlook top with silver zippers in the chest area and a black zipper on the back

CHF 49.00 *

Sexy panties with hot ribbons

Product no.: 210106103

Sexy panties with hot ribbons. Attractive and extremely comfortable. Perfect to combine or just wear underneath.

CHF 19.00 *
old price CHF 34.00
You save 44 %
available immediately
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