Suspender & Garter Belt

Until the 1960s, the garter belt (also called girdle, suspenders, Girdle, Garter Belt or Suspender) was one of the most important items of clothing in the dresser of every woman. He was needed because there was no other leg dress except for the nylon stocking. That changed only with the invention of the tights in the 60s. More and more women took off their garters and got on to the supposedly more comfortable legwear. The unprecedented triumphal march of the tights has not yet managed to completely oust the stocking / nylon stocking and thus the suspenders. Today's range of garters is many times greater than at the time, which has to do with the fact that the suspenders are often associated with eroticism and sex today and it in the relevant trade a correspondingly large supply with mostly very cheap There are hip restraints that often cause frustration because they break easily and do not hold the stocking well.
The difference: garters then and now
Today's garters are more fashionable accessory than practical garment. They should look beautiful for the moment. For everyday use, however, they are rather impractical, since they usually only have a total of four (narrow) holders (two on each side, one in front and one in the back) and keep the sock in the long run not reliable enough. These models were usually made of bodice and had 4, 6 or even 12 holders. An accidental slippage of the nylon stocking could be practically excluded. The bodice held securely on the hip and incidentally also ensured a favorable silhouette. Nowadays garters made of bodice are hard to find and are usually very expensive.



Which suspenders for which occasion?

For women who want to wear nylon stockings as a garment in everyday life, we recommend a panty brief with at least four halters on each side. So it can be ruled out that the stockings makes itself independent in situations like stooping or climbing stairs. Nothing is more unpleasant than a stocking that suddenly slips into the back of the knee. Garter Bellts should only be worn under wider clothing if possible, as the clips will appear under tight clothing. For women who wear socks only in private environments and do not want to spend so much money, also a good girdle with two holders on each side of the legs is sufficient.


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Waist belt Balance

Product no.: 140101116

Sexy waist belt lace with tulle, Balance a collection associating the elegance of the tulle and sensuality of lace and lacings. 

CHF 144.00 *
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Suspender VESUVIO

Product no.: 180201200

Lace suspender VESUVIO

CHF 29.00 *
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available immediately

MAYBELL Garter Belt & Thong

Product no.: 300101574

MAYBELL Obsessive Garter Belt & Thong. Charming lace, mesh and seductive straps on your thighs? Yes, babe!

CHF 34.00 *
available immediately

Bracli Garter Belt ThongKyoto

Product no.: 150103107

Garter belt & Thong in One.Made of Leavers lace, elastic tulle and velvet. It is the most special garment of the Kyoto Collection.

CHF 114.00 *
available immediately

Bracli Pearl Harness Garter Vienna Collection

Product no.: 150104106

Vienna Harness Garter with embroidery tulle creating the ideal accessory for any look of the Vienna Collection.

CHF 89.00 *
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GRETIA suspender

Product no.: 300108331

GRETIA suspender

CHF 18.00 *
available immediately
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