Heel shape

The reinforced heel of a genuine seamed nylon stocking can have different shapes and designations. You want to buy genuine seamed nylon stockings, but do not know what the terms Cuban Heel, Point Heel, Manhattan Heel and Havana Heel mean? With these terms, the manufacturers refer to the different heel styles of real nylons. Most seamed nylon stockings are reinforced at the foot to avoid running into the very fine fabric quickly. The terms above refer to the form of reinforcement that runs from the heel to the suture on the calf. It is a purely fashionable element. In German, the gain at the hoe is therefore often referred to as Zierferse or high heel. It is also visible when wearing shoes and should make the woman's leg appear even longer and slimmer. Which heel shape you choose is a matter of taste. It is not a quality criterion. Often, however, women swear on a specific heel shape and stick to it.

Whether Point Heel, Cuban Heel or Manhattan Heel - all heel styles run from the heel up to the seam at the back of the leg. In the popular point heel, the reinforcement joins the seam at one point. The Cuban heel stands for a square (cubic) shape of the heel reinforcement. It runs rectangular to the seam and ends with a straight line. The Havana Heel is identical in shape with the Cuban Heel, the gain is only slightly wider here. In the Manhattan Heel runs around the foot and heel reinforcement of a decorative stitching. Recently, the manufacturer GIO also has a Susan Heel. This corresponds to the Cuban Heel but goes higher on the leg. By the way: Not all "real" nylon stockings have a reinforced foot part. Nylons without foot part are indeed to be found, but apart from very few exceptions then usually also the seam must be waived.