Stay ups slip down?

Stay-up stockings also have advantages over pantyhose. On warmer days, hold-ups provide a breezy feeling on the leg and you do not feel like you're wearing trousers under your skirt. But there is also annoying problem, report on the wearer of hold-up stockings again and again and which can spoil a fun on this great piece of clothing. This refers to the slippage of the holder lots. Mostly it happens in a moment when you do not expect it. The embarrassing situation after a wrong move, when the stocking hangs on the back of the knee. The reasons are most wrong care or the stocking is too old. So the stockings should not wash with too hot detergent, because this attacks the silicone band and, as you already suspect, the stocking was made baseless. After washing, the stockings should only be left to air dry. Do not put the stockings over the heater or in the dryer, as the heat can make the silicone band brittle and lose its adhesive power.

Another popular mistake is using bodylotions before putting on stockings. Due to the greasy layer on the skin, the silicone band can not build up any adhesion and the stocking slips. The same applies to oily shower creams. Also on this should be waived, if hold-up stockings are worn. If grease reaches the silicone bands, they should only be rinsed off with water. After showering, dry well and wait a few minutes until they put on the stockings, because even moisture on the skin can cause the stockings to slip. In emergencies where the tapes do not want to adhere, you can grab one to a body adhesive and protect the silicone straps on the thigh before slipping. You will be safe throughout the evening.

A question of the top and the price

So that you do not get into the situation that the stockings are starting to slide, you should pay attention to the following tips when buying. The wider the top edge, the better the stocking holds! Of course, this is only as long as it fits the wardrobe. Under a short skirt, a wide lace band is quickly visible, which may not be wanted. Under a longer skirt or pants it does not matter. However, the adhesive power of the stockings is also a question of price. Although there are also in the lower price segment hold-up, which also provide a good grip, but they also lose their grip faster than the models of well-known manufacturers. Very cheap stockings usually have only one adhesive tape. Expensive stockings often have two or more silicone bands, which greatly increases safety.

How to keep stockings guaranteed:

  • Do not wash with dry detergent.
  • Do not put stockings in the dryer after washing.
  • Do not dry stockings with silicone tape on the heater.
  • Do not use body lotion or cream before wearing.
  • When showering do not use a strong oily shower cream.
  • Replace older stockings as soon as the silicone band appears brittle.
  • Stockings with a wide top band keep better.
  • If in doubt, body and skin adhesives help.

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