Ripping running

The run is probably one of the biggest enemies of each stocking wearer and the running stitches are of course always when you can use them least. Either it happens in the middle of a meeting, in the office or during a reception.
All types of stockings are equally affected by this problem. That can not be avoided, but you can do something about it. If a thread on the stocking or the tights has been solved, it is best to simply use clear nail polish, which is common in most handbags. Just dribble a bit on the starting point of the run and it is already temporarily stopped. If no nail polish is on hand, a bit of hairspray or hair lacquer will also help. Just put a sprayer on the stocking and the treadmill will stop. In the office can also help a commercial adhesive. However, he should be quick-drying.
As an insider tip: put stockings before wearing a night in the freezer compartment. This should make the fibers significantly more durable. Try it!
So that it does not come at all ..
There are many ways you can avoid running nylon stockings. In general, it is recommended to wear stockings, tights and of course genuine nylon stockings only with gloves. These thin white gloves you can order with us, or we deliver free of charge for every order from CHF 100.00
Most of the runnings are created by tucking the stockings through small hooks on nails, and so you have turned off the probably biggest source of danger. For women who often wear stockings, of course, regular foot and hand care helps. Often even the smallest protruding skin scales on the hands and feet are sufficient to draw a thread. The finer the tissue, the more sensitive it is.
Removing the cornea from the foot and toes completely eliminates another source of run-off. Even toenails can kill stockings, which is why you should work regularly with the nail file. If you wear nylons, you should always check before putting on shoes, if there are not small stones hidden inside. Another very popular "nylon killer".
Further important points for the care of the stockings:

  • Without exception, all tights, nylon stockings and stockings hold only by hand.
  • if it is washed in the washing machine, put it in a small bag in the machine.
  • Do not use harsh detergents, just use soap.
  • after washing, the stockings should simply air dry.
  • Never dry hosiery in a tumble dryer!
  • do not dry on the heater
Ripping running