Overknees are simply a highlight. The stylish stockings, which just go up to the thigh, are an eye-catcher in many clothing styles. Overknees can be worn at any time of the year. They are just as fashionable in spring and autumn as they are in winter or summer. You just have to find the right strength for you. Whether mini skirt or shorts, dresses or sweaters, overknee stockings simply belong in every wardrobe. In almost every wardrobe, because you need a little self-confidence for the stylish stockings.

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EDITH 8 DEN Holdups

Product no.: 180101200

Sensuous hold-ups with a sexy lace top, sheer leg and invisibly reinforced toe for elegance. Made from single-covered elastane yarn.

CHF 12.00 *
available immediately

Ladies knit cuffs extra long

Product no.: 200101310

Ladies knit cuffs wave pattern extra long 70cm

soft material mix for a comfortable fit | pressure-free rubber band ends without slipping

CHF 11.90 *
available immediately

Cotton overknee stockings black

Product no.: 200101340

Cotton overknee stockings black. Piqué comfort waistband (without waistband) for a comfortable fit without slipping

CHF 5.90 *
available immediately

Wetlook stockings SUPERSTAR

Product no.: 210102101

Seductive hold-up stockings SUPERSTAR with lace and silicone tape for the best hold. From Collection DIVA

CHF 49.00 *
available immediately

FANCY Overknees 40 DEN

Product no.: 180202203

Opaque, melange hold-ups with fantasy, graphite lace top. Invisibly reinforced toe portion. This model is available also in plus sizes.


CHF 26.00 *
available immediately

Powerwetlook Stockings and Panty

Product no.: 210105100

Classic powerwetlook stockings with a silver zipper at the back which goes from the ankle to the knee. 

CHF 74.00 *
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